online casino bonuses

Bonuses have become an important criterion for ratings casinos in recent times as most USA online casinos seem to be evenly matched. While they help break the tie, bonuses are not all the same. Most USA online casinos do not really advertise or offer many of these bonuses. However, here are some you should know about.

New Player Bonuses

There are basically two types of bonuses in USA online casinos. Those that are peculiar to new players and those that are meant for existing players. Below are some bonuses peculiar to new players.

Welcome Bonus

welcome bonus

This is the most popular bonus and every USA online casino offers it. Most times, this bonus is associated with your first deposit. It is the multiplication of your first deposit. If you are offered a 400% welcome bonus and you deposit $200, your balance will read $1000. 400 percent of $200 is $800, add the $800 to your initial deposit of $200 and you have $1000.

No Deposit Bonus

This bonus is also called the “free trial” bonus. It is similar to the case of a free trial version of software. The casino offers the player a certain amount of money to play with. Upon winning, the player gets to withdraw the money won. One popular condition is that the player can only withdraw the excess of the free trial deposit.

This means that the player can only withdraw $50 if the player currently has $70 and was given a $20 trial bonus. In some cases, the player must meet a minimum withdrawal limit to be able to withdraw. If the minimum withdrawal is $100, this implies that the player cannot withdraw from the $70. He must have at least $120 in his account before he can make a withdrawal.

Free Spins

Unlike free trials, free spins are usually associated with slots. The player is given a number of free trials at a slot game. His winnings can be withdrawn as real money.

Bonuses for Existing Players

Although bonuses are mostly used to lure new customers, there are still some bonuses used for retaining existing players.

Cash Back Bonus

cash back bonus

This bonus works just like the RTP feature in US online casino games. A percentage of the money lost is given back to the player. It is usually done on a monthly or annual basis. For example, if you lost $2000 in a month, this bonus entitles you to $400 if the cash back bonus is 20% of the money you lost.

Game Type Bonus

Game type bonus is a bonus mostly used for promoting certain games and encouraging people to play them. They are sometimes in the form of free spins and no deposit. The major difference here is that it is also available to new players.

Deposit Method Bonus

The advent of block chain technology has seen to the rise of various forms of cryptocurrencies. Online casinos sometimes help in the promotion of digital currencies. The deposit method bonus gives players an additional percentage when they use a particular payment gateway to fund their account.

These bonuses have underlying requirements have to meet before you can use them. It is in the best interest of players to understand the bonus before using them.