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Amongst the plethora of casino games around, none comes close to giving huge winnings like online slots. Many players prefer betting on slot games than poker, roulette, craps, or baccarat. The dilemma bettors have is choosing the slot games with a good RTP, which guarantees a profit. Today, we will be mentioning USA online slots with high RTP and other factors that can contribute to winnings in slot games.

Overview of Online Slots With High RTP

All major game developers design online slot games which bettors play to make money. These online slots come with many features, which include graphics, sound, and animations. Aside from these components, these slots also come with Return to player percentages. The higher the RTP the better it is for the player. That is why most casino players, especially in the USA, lookout for the highest RTP slot games to wager real money on.

The Best USA Online Slots With High RTP

There are many USA online slot games with significant RTP. We will talk about them below.

Mega joker

mega joker by netent

The Mega Joker by NetEnt Games has the highest RTP ratio available. Fitted with two screens for easy viewing, it is highly recommended. It is straightforward to play, and its volatility can be adjusted depending on your preference. The RTP of this online casino is 99.7%.

Jackpot 6,000

Another great product by NetEnt. This game has three reels and wild symbols. You will be able to view grapes, lemon, and cherry, which you need to match to win. Although its graphics are not that great, it is simple to play. But be careful, it only has high volatility, which means winning is not constant. However, when you win, the gains are enormous because the RTP is 98.7%.

Jackpot 3×3

This is an excellent online casino slot game powered by 1×2 Gaming who is not new to casino slot games industry. These games have an RTP rate of 98.3%, so be rest assured that with a constant bet, you will win. Its array of reels makes it flexible and easy to play. The bonuses offered are mouth-watering for interested gamblers.


Genesis is the developer of this ancient eastern European game. It is based on old myths about the war between humans and the gods. You are given points as you defeat one god to another. Its volatility ranges from medium-high. It has an impressive 97.6% RTP.


blood suckers by netent

Another great product from the game guru, NetEnt. With an RTP of 97.2%, this online slot game comes highly recommended. It is based on vampire animations and has good graphics and sound. You get free spins and an enormous bonus. You can get a special bonus when you go to the basement where you can slay vampires.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which slots guarantee more winnings?

Betting on progressive slots can give you a considerable profit in the long run.

Can I win on online slots?

Yes, winning on online slots is possible if you choose themed slots with good RTP. You will also need practice with demos to get a good grip on the game before playing with real money.

Are there other factors to consider when playing online slots?

While RTP is essential, it is not a cast-iron to victory. You will have to consider gameplay, bonus, and an element of luck to have steady winnings on the slot.
This post has talked about online slots and the best online slots with the biggest RTP.